Processing.js Panel 2010

In association with Mozilla and The Centre for Development of Open Technology at Seneca College, Bocoup invite you to join The Processing.js Development Team for the first ever Processing.js Panel! This evening will be a treasure trove of information, innovation and web-graphics inspiration.

Our Very Special Guests…

Ben Fry, John Resig, Chris Blizzard, Dave Humphrey, Corban Brook will be discussing the Processing language from origin to web. From the goals of Processing.js to the future of the language in the open-web, do not miss this unique opportunity to ask your questions and provide important feedback to the Processing.js Development Team, the Mozilla graphics team and other web graphics rock-stars.

We will also be announcing the “Processing For The Open Web Competition” sponsored by Mozilla as part of the Mozilla Drumbeat program. Sign up and be among the first to learn about this awesome competition.


9th April 2010: 7–9pm

Free pizza, beer & wireless.


Bocoup Loft

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